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Denver Center Theater Co.
The House of the Spirits               Pancha                  Jose Zayas
American Night *                          Lydia                      Sam Woodhouse
Just Like Us                                 Company               Kent Thompson (workshop)

Cal Shakes                                                                                                                        American Night                            Lydia                      Jonathan Moscone

Arizona Theater Co.                                                                                                     The River Bride                         Senora Costa           Kinan Valdez

Distracted                                    Dr Zavala                Armondo Molino
Sunsets and Margaritas               Gabby                    Amy Gonzalez

San Jose Repertory
La Posada Magica                       Gracie                    Norma Saldovar
The Taming of the Shrew             Ensemble Anne      McNaughton

Capital Stage  

Between Riverside and Crazy       Church Lady      Judith Moreland                            Mr Burns, A Post Electric Play     Maria                      Micheal Stevenson                    August Osage County                Karen                      Ben Ismail

Repertory Theater of St Louis
Love in the Time of Cholera         Transito                 Jose Zayas (workshop)

Traveling Jewish Theater
Dead Mother                                 Sylvia                    Tony Kelly

Marin Theater Co.
A Streetcar Named Desire           Eunice                   Jasson Minadakis
Fuddy Meers                                Heidi                      Ryan Rillette

Brava Theater
Stop Kiss                                      Sara                       Loy Arcena
New Fire                                       Vero                       Cherrie Moraga

Pacific Rep
The Clean House                          Ana                       John Rouseau
Vanya,Sonja,Masha,and Spike      Masha                   Ken Kelleher

Shotgun Players
This World in a Woman’s Hands  St Fey                    Aaron Davidman

Berkeley Repertory Theater
Alicia in Wonder Tierra                 Alicia                      Miko Lee
Each Day Dies With Sleep           Nelly                       Sharon Ott (understudy)

Word For Word
Floor Show                                   FiFi                         Wendy Radford

San Jose Stage
Gibraltar                                        Amy                       Tony Kelly
Reckless                                       Doctors                  Ken Kelleher

Thick Description
Blade to the Heat                          Sarita                     Tony Kelly
Dreamlandia                                 Blanca                    Octavio Solis

Campo Santo
The Ballad of Pancho and Lucy   Lucy                        Octavio Solis
Santos y Santos                          Nena                       Tony Kelly

El Teatro Campesino
Simply Maria                                 Maria                      Amy Gonzalez
Soldado Razo                               Cecilia                    Amy Gonzalez

B Street Theater
Cloud Tectonics                            Celestina               Tony Kelly
Dia De Los Cuentos                      Parrot/Ensemble    B ST. Company

American Conservatory Theater
Boleros for the Disenchanted        Flora/Petra            Carey Perloff (understudy)

Culture Clash
25th Anniversary Show                 Maria                     Richard Montoya

San Francisco Mime Troupe
Seeing Double                               Felicia                   Dan Chumley
Secrets in the Sand                       Ensemble              Brian Freeman

Magic Theater
Holy Food                                      Chiquita                 Christian Yao
Barancas                                       Carmalita               Phyllis Look

Teatro Vision
Electricidad                                    Clamencia             Mark Valdez

Eureka Theater
Roosters                                         Angela                  Susan Marsden


“La Pastorella”                               Gargoyle               Luis Valdez / PBS Great

“93,000,000 Miles From The Sun” Maggie                 Paul Budnitz / Big Pictures

“Village of the Damned”                 Young Wife          John Carpenter

“Technolust”                                   Visna                    Lynn Hershman Prod.

“Open House”                                Yoga Girl              Pixote Films


“Short Stories &Tall Tales” +         Host                      KQED Productions

“Partners”                                       Wife                      Keyser/Lippman High Prod.

“Wolf”                                             Maria                    David Pekinpah / Rod Halcomb

“You Can Choose”                         Missie Mouse       Elkind & Sweet Productions

Industrial Representive Clients

“Apple Computer”   on camera Narrator

Kaiser Permanante, Bank of America, Federal Reserve Bank, PG&E,

Wisdom Ware Learning-The Kenwood Group, Mervyn’s, Hewlett-Packard

Voice Over

Smash, Crash, and Burn                                             Zoetrope Productions

The Godfather, part 3 (computer storyboard)              Francis Ford Coppola

Lily’s Health Series                                                      Crommie and Crommie Prod.

Untitled Project                                                            Pixar Films dir. Lee Unkrich

Commercial List

Bud Lite, Dominos Pizza, Pacific Bell, Cal EXPO State Fair, Raley’s Supermarket


+Emmy Award for Best New Children’s Show.

* Denver, Co. Ovation Award and Colorado Henry Award Nominations for Best Actress

Special Skills: singer: mezzo alto : guitar, cartoon voices: , shadow puppetry, kayaking, mother